Plain Thoughts


February 21, 2019

This is the third time I’m starting a blog. The other two died a premature death. Over the years, I’ve felt the need to have a place to write, but never had the consistency to either write nor publish. If you’ve started creative endeavors and then found them wilting with neglect over time, you’ll know the feeling. The stench of inevitable failure that hangs around every sentence you type, every brush stroke, every line of code. A constant fear that each paragraph, article, or sentence is going to be the last one. All of that is omnipresent as I write these words.

To combat this, I’ve reorganized my thinking about the blog. I acknowledge that I am not yet drawn to writing. I also know that I am really interested in writing code. I reasoned that perhaps the solution is to leverage my affinity for programming to write more.

As someone writes code for a living, programming is something I do a lot of anyway, so how to leverage it for the blog? One obvious aspect is to write about things I interact with daily anyway. Troy Hunt touches on this in his talk titled ‘Hack your career’; I urge you to take some time out to watch it. The other aspect is to actually have a purpose in trying new things and writing about them. Things that may not be super useful to customers, but to me, my pursuit of knowledge, and hopefully my readers.

Following this train of thought I’m starting this particular blog as the central place for my creative output. Ideas that I have, projects that I’m working on.

Please come again, I’m sure to have something interesting cooking.

Written by Mutahhir Hayat.
A maker in the failing