Plain Thoughts

Creation for the sake of creation

January 13, 2020

For a long time now, I’ve been focused deeply in creating something that customers want but creating something customers want is hard, and I am not consistent. Thus I keep trying to come up with ideas that I don’t release.

As I’m nearing a milestone in my life (going to be 40), and with 2020 being the start of a decade, I am hit by the reality that if I continue like this, I will have not produced anything.

Perfect is the enemy of good - Voltaire

There’s no way other than to move forward. I will not be creating a masterpiece here, but I will be creating. Part of creating is building cool software that may have no use, but also documenting the stories and learnings.

I hope this clumsy adventure be of value to you, dear reader.

Written by Mutahhir Hayat.
Regurgitator of words